"I can do all things through Christ,who strengthens me"

Philippians 4:13

Friday, September 12, 2008

Praying for those in Ikes path

I just saw a report on the news that basically said if parts of Texas did not evacuate they'll be facing certain death.Oh my,I hope somehow it turns out to be weaker than they think. I'm sending thoughts and prayers out to all those in it's path.I have a couple "web friends" in Texas and I'm hoping they have found a safe place by now.


Twice as Nice said...

Oh, my I will be praying. I've been gone all day so I think I will turn the news on and see what is happening.

Picket said...

Morning is so nice to 'meet' you....I too have been watching the news and praying that it can be a devasting thing. I love your picture in the header and that casserole sounds fantastic....they need a scratch & sniff on these blogs! lol I want to thank you for coming by and for the kind comment on the black mantel...girl if you have something you want different or painted just do it...don't second guess yourself...I have painted and wallpapered our homes for years..I just love changes..and when we bought our current home it had custom made oak cabinets in my little kitchen...well I kept seeing people on Rate My Space painting their oak cabinets a beautiful creamy cottagey look and I just loved that one day I decided I had to give it a try...I have never painted cabinets..I primed them & put 2 coats of creamy cottagey white paint on them and they were gorgeous (to me at least! lol) But because I do tend to like alittle more rustic and darker color tone I decided to try my hand at glazing...I got a mocha premixed glaze at Lowes and the results were perfect for me...ohhhh glory I am so happy with them! lol Yes it was scary..yes I did hyperventilate and even cried a couple of was a huge job..but I just knew I was not going to spend the money for painters and I was not buying new cabinets because these were is just paint...just keep plenty of Pepsi & fig newtons or oreos in the house and you will get thru any painting project! Thanks again for coming by and please come back any time..take care and have a safe & happy weekend!