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Friday, March 14, 2008

Miss Inventor

My middle daughter has been working on a project for school the last several days and this morning they had to do a presentation with all the parents attending. The kids had to come up with an invention that they think would be useful in their household then actually make it. I had to giggle when I read what her invention was.....a DISH cart/holder!
I admit that I have a serious problem with dishes and china,I love collecting it and I have tons and tons.Well,she apparently felt that this would help me to carry my collections from one room to another (for holidays,dinners,etc)so I wouldn't have to keep going back and forth.
Pretty clever little girlie I have!
It turned out very nice and she did a great job with her presentation!I was worried due to the fact that she is so shy and gets all flustered when having to speak in front of people.( an unfortunate trait she inherited from her momma)I have overcame it pretty well but I knew this would be a real challenge and I was nervous for her!
It was so interesting to see what a group of 3rd graders came up with to help around the house.....
one boy made an automatic ball-thrower for his dog(brilliant but it only shoots it out about 5 inches so I'm thinking it would have to be a pretty tiny(or lazy)dog
another girl made an instant beauty mask,a mask with make-up already applied to the inside so you just had to sit it on your face and all your make-up is done at once.Wow!
another boy had a big kitchen counter organizer and I asked him why he chose that and he says"my mom has way too much junk!" lol!!!
Oh boy,it was pretty funny and they were all really creative.
Here is my girlie with her amazing dish cart/holder for her mom with way too many dishes!

On the way home from the school it was raining,not alot but enough to need your wipers going.Well,mine decided to STOP working! Yep,talk about scary.
So,there I was hopping out of the car every couple minutes to swish my wipers back and forth till I could make it home.Thank goodness we don't live far from the school!

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Brook said...

Well that picture is as sweet as sweet can be. Thanks for sharing and for the sweet comments on my blog.