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Philippians 4:13

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Father of The Bride again

Well anyone who knows me will tell you that this is one of my very fave movies.(the newest version with Steve Martin and Diane Keaton)
I don't normally like to watch the same movie over and over but I could watch this one a million times. How lucky could I get that I've caught it (and Father of the Bride 2!!) on like 3 times in the last couple weeks! My middle daughter saw me watching it earlier and just rolled her eyes and said"it's on AGAIN??" I don't get it really considering they watch the same "Spongebob Squarepants" over and over until they memorize it and can act it out in the living room.
I'm not a Spongebob" fan,never have been.I guess it's over my head.

I was really tired this evening but decided to go ahead and try out a recipe I'd been eyeing over at Pioneer Woman Cooks.
If you've never visited her cooking blog or her original "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" you MUST go check her out!She is like Queen of the blogs and was actually one of the very 1st blogs I ever read.(I'm pretty sure her blog has made even made the news)
Her recipes are insanely good and the way she shows you step by step in pics,(not to mention how downright hilarious she is) well she's just inspiring.
So anyhoo tonight I made her pan fried ribeye and roasted garlic potatoes. WOW!
I can get intimidated cooking steak but I followed her lead and it was awesome! The roasted garlic was yummy and I'll probably smell like it for days but it was worth it!

On a bit more serious note(now serious is not a place that I venture into much in my blog~world but this hit home),this upset me so very much.a police officer basically attacking this 14 year old boy for riding his skateboard where he wasn't supposed to.I'm sure the boy being 14 and all might have smarted off but there is no excuse for this behavior. This hit home to me due to the fact that my oldest son is 14 and skateboards and has been known to do it in places that he probably shouldn't. I know there are safety issues etc etc but this to me just looke like a man with some anger issues taking it out a kid. He wasn't stealing or vandalizing,just skating.
I am all for abiding by the law and try to instill that in my kids but this just bothered me.I could easily put myself into that mothers shoes watching her child be treated like a criminal.
Very upsetting.

The Baltimore police officer seen in the clip at left has been suspended without pay while the city investigates the matter further. The clip, filmed last summer in the Inner Harbor, shows officer Salvatore Rivieri putting a teenager in a headlock, pushing him to the ground and confiscating his skateboard -- while telling the teen, "I'm not your father -- you give that attitude to your father. You give it to me, I'll smack you upside your head." While skateboarding isn't allowed in the Inner Harbor area, we had a hard time hearing what the teenager is saying -- but there are worse things in the world than being called "dude," no?

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