"I can do all things through Christ,who strengthens me"

Philippians 4:13

Friday, November 7, 2008

Season of change

I can't believe we are so close to Thanksgiving, and Christmas is just around the corner!
We have some BIG changes going on around here right now and I hope to be able to post about them soon.It's amazing what blessings can come to you when you least expect it.

I've been hopping around some of my fave blogs this morning and so many of them have been all gussied up in Christmas style so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.I know it's still early but in my mind you can never start the holiday season too early!
My kids must feel the same way because I've already been given 3 Christmas lists all folded and and ready to go to Santa!

They are all off school today for parent/teacher conferences and yes I have to go to 5!(not all in one day thank goodness)It's alot cooler out today than it has been all week,yesterday it was 75 degrees and today it's not even 60 and pretty dreary out as well.Yep,it's November!

I found this link on one of the 12,000 blogs I visited today (can't recall which one,sorry!)It's an online radio site that plays Christmas music all 24/7!I love it!!

I had my 1st Peppermint Mocha Latte of the season from Starbucks yesterday and I'm thinking I might swing by there again today.I don't usually care for super sweet drinks but this one is just a must for the holiday season.YUM!
UMMMMMM,can ya tell I love this time of year?? ;o)



Picket said...

Hey Amy....oh just clicking on your post and seeing that beautiful picture in your header made me smile ear to ear....I love Christmas!!! Loved seeing your slideshow pics too! Thanks so much for coming by...This is such a busy time of year for me...planning the holidays and we have so many birthdays and anniversaries these two months and then having to make cakes and cook food for the men to take to work for their company get togethers.. lordy..I am missing my blog time! lol lol Have agreat weekend sweetie!

the voice of melody said...

That peppermint mocha latte sounds so sweet and delicious! I hardly ever go to Starbucks but I may have to drop by for one of those. :)

Love the pretty picture in your header, by the way.

Many sweet blessings!