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Philippians 4:13

Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Monday all!!!
I wanted to post a pic of all the amazing Cucumbers and Zucchini I got from my mother in-law's garden yesterday. I would love to have my own garden one day and would like for it to be behind my white farmhouse on 10 acres in the Tenn. mountains! :p Well a girl can dream right!
I love Zucchini and have so many recipes that I'll be making. I learned a few years ago that you can shred it and freeze so I'm going to do that as well.

Here are some of the cucumbers~ They are just perfect with a dash of sea salt

 Zucc and mushroom Quesedilla~ I had never made it before but it was so good!
I sauteed the Zucchini,portabellos mushrooms,onion, in olive oil until tender then added to 2  tortillas with some shredded cheese then cook for approx. 3-5 min on either side.(I just used the same pan I sauteed in)

It's so good with sour cream or salsa~ Delish!

I think I'll be making the Chocolate Zucc cake next :)

It's super hot today and we're under a heat advisory until tomorrow. It's getting ready to storm so I'm hoping that will cool it off some. I know it's only July but my mind is already wandering to those crisp cool days of Fall,I can't wait!

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