"I can do all things through Christ,who strengthens me"

Philippians 4:13

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is it really that simple?


It's a word you hear and see alot these days. I've been working on doing just that for a long time now. It's much easier to say than it is to do I must say.
I feel that in this time in my life tho it's vital for me and my family to at least try. What does it mean tho? Does it mean de-clutter your home,your thoughts,your relationships?? I guess maybe (at least in my case) a bit of all of that.I'm sure it could mean many different things to different people.
I feel very blessed in many ways but the last few years (especially the last year or so) has been very challenging. I've gone through things that I never imagined I would.I've most definitely learned that ALOT of things that I was so gosh darn sure that I had to have in my life,well,I really don't need them at all.
I guess in the end you must go through life experiencing the good and the bad (along with lots of ugly) to get to that point of being able to "simplify". In the end it's so much more than a word on a sign,it really is a life lesson.
I know the things that are important to me.I know what I need in my heart to be able to move through this life and be a positive and productive energy for myself and my family.I've learned the things that I really enjoy doing and that put joy in my heart and nourish my soul.I try to stay away from what I know will deplete me or crush my spirit.
I've learned it through pain,tears,humiliation,grief,fear,and anger but also through love,support,and understanding.
The song on my playlist is by Martina Mcbride and I am a huge fan of hers but this one was never a favorite of mine. I heard it this morning and wow,the words took on a whole new meaning and shot straight to my heart.They touched me and called to me in a way it never had before.It was inspiring.
Maybe it really is that simple.

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